Electronic components and power circuits form an integral part of medical devices. They are crucial to the performance of diverse functions and can range from something as simple as a switch to sophisticated implantable sensors.


As a solution provider in the medical industry we support high quality electronic components to suit your needs as our customer and in accordance with your requirements.

Medical connectors in plastic and metal housing to meet all forms of sterilization, IP68, single use disposable, Multi-mating cycles, high pin count and medical grade cable and assemblies.


The rising demand for electronic medical implantable devices, wearable medical devices, and robotics technology has increased the demand for advanced electronic components for critical applications. Electronic components such as capacitors, connectors, feedthroughs, resistors, flex circuits, integrated circuits and semiconductors are some of the critical components needed for medical devices.



Medical device electronic components from our facilities also play a role in electronic neurostimulation and spinal cord stimulator systems. We can support your company’s product designs by connecting you with the ideal facility to manufacture leads, connectors, and related components to make your device dependable and successful.

Medical device manufacturers depend on WESUN to deliver electronic components for disposable transducers used for cardiology and vascular procedures. Components from our facilities also support OEMs of urological drainage, incontinence, tracheostomy, and ostomy care products.

We can support your laryngology and tracheal tube support products by precision moulding components that hold the trach tube securely once inserted. We can also support your business if it offers surgical support components and kits to health care facilities.


EMC Immunity Test (IEC6100-4-5)




  • Analyzers Disposable

  • Devices Dental Equipment

  • Pacemakers

  • Electrosurgical Devices

  • Hearing Devices

  • Processing Equipment

  • Medical device electronic components

  • Bioelectric Medicine for Chronic Auto Immune diseases

  • Neurostimulation, Spinal Cord Stimulator systems

  • Disposable Transducers for Cardiology and Vascular procedures

  • Urological Drainage, Incontinence and Ostomy Care products

  • Laryngology and Tracheal Tube Support products

  • Handicap Mobility + Accessibility devices

  • Various Surgical Support components + kits

  • Pulse Oximetry Monitoring systems

  • Patient Monitoring systems

  • Cardio Pulmonary and Metabolic devices

  • Infusion System devices